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Why have I decided to write this e book and share my knowledge with you? I need to introduce myself. My name is Lukas Macczak and I’ve started to making applications for Android in December 2011. In my six years journey I was looking for the knowledge in Google, blogs, articles and other e books. Everything I’ve learned was a total bullshit. During those six years, nobody, even single person has helped me to get valuable knowledge about Google Play. Nobody has told me how it works, how to get organic installs for my applications or monetize my traffic. I’ve always saw the same articles, the same tips and tricks that not work any more. Who will share working stuff when he can make money without creating a competition? Ask yourself.

I’ve made hundreds of applications; 350+ were reskins of an existing code from CodeCanyon and Chupamobile, 50 were applications made by me from scratch. I am tired of doing this business and I want to try something different, a bigger scale and a higher level. After six years I hate making applications. I’ve used applications and mobile boom to make money and raise capital for my future projects. OK, so why to share it if applications still can earn money? I am a capitalist, money is still money and if I can earn some dollars by selling my knowledge, why not to teach you something? Mobile market is huge, so it’s still a place for you and you will not harm my

income. I can’t waste six years of education and getting experience. I am going to teach you how to make money too.
Google Play constantly changes very fast. It’s brutal for indie developers. My tips, tricks, cheats and guides works for now and can work in next 1-2 years but you can’t predict what Google is going to change. It’s like in an SEO industry, you can’t be sure to anything in 100%. I’ve decided to abandon this ship when I can and share what I know with you. It’s your decision what are you want to do with it.

I ‘ve decided to start making applications in December 2011. My university tutor has told me that he published several applications for iOS and opened my eyes but a macos, an iPhone and a market fee were so much expensive for me. I’ve found out that my friends were using HTC, one of the first Android based devices in Poland. At the very beggining the process of creating an app seemed extremely complicated. Also, expensive. But I managed to jump-start my app development without a physical device by using an emulator and since then my journey has begun.. I’ve created my first application, very simple, it was a timer for a HIIT/Tabata training. This application was very poor but I’ve not resigned and started to making more and more applications. First money has appeared very soon. I’ve started making $30 each day with 5 published applications. I know, it was not impressive income but for some student? It was 100% passive income. Anyway, I’ve got first money and decided to become a full time indie developer, make more applications and create a bigger money.
Soon, my earnings has come to $300 each day with Admob and… Google has banned my developer account. Few months of hard work and education were to go to waste? I was being frurated for few weeks, writing to Google to unban my account because I’ve not broken any rules. Google Policy was really simple these days. Then I’ve decided to fight, opened a new Android Market account and created new applications, result – a ban. Why? Google have many methods to detect multiple developer’s accounts and strike them down. I’ve not stopped. I haven’t known it but I’ve made the best decision in my life when I decided to spam an Android Market store, develop and create grey hat methods.
Next months and years I’ve learned how to be not detected, stay in a shadow, flood the store with massive amount of apps and minimal effort. I’ve concentrated on making reskinned applications and boosting few more serious projects.
I told you in “Before your read” section, this e book is not a story. I stop it now and teach you real things. You can learn the solid knowledge from this ebook. Nobody… ASO guru, blog writters, article makers can’t do it. It’s based on real six years experience and all these things works in 2017. Let’s begin!